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Was 2010 Really a Big Year for Linux?

Sean Michael Kerner claims in this article that 2010 was a big year for Linux. However, while the FLOSS community made good strives in some areas, as described in the article, there also have been some set backs. Oracle's take-over of Sun resulted in a change of attitude towards the FLOSS community by the projects maintained by Sun, which in turn lead to the very public fork of LibreOffice, and some lesser known forks in regard of the databases, like mariadb. The future will tell us more about the successes and failures of the different parties.

2010 also has brought up contentions about copyright assignments, which is still on-going. Again we will have to wait to see what future directions will bring.

So what is your opinion? Was 2010 a big year for Linux? Please comment and participate in this poll.



2010 was indeed a big year. I wouldn't even want to use something like Ubuntu 9.10 anymore.

But there's some stuff happening behind closed doors right now that will make 2011 even better. Much better.

The topic is really interesting IMO and exactly what is meant in the article, linux is a known debate in 2010. I hope even more in 11.

I think the more talks and "attacks" on topics not discussed earlier the more transparency and knowledge we get on the progress being held in F(L)OSS development.

Not at least the discussion about Ubuntu vs. "the world" told us what community and organisations are looking for.

We are the future, we are now, we change we world, even if we can't.
So my apology is not linux'10, its linux'11!

It is a year of FLOSS! LibreOffice is an excellent news. It means open community is strong enough to make a fork if some company decides to ride on the different road.