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Was 2010 a big year for Linux?

2010 was a tremendous year for Linux
16% (4 votes)
2010 was a good year for Linux
56% (14 votes)
2010 was an average year for Linux
20% (5 votes)
2010 was a bad year for Linux
8% (2 votes)
2010 was a disastrous year for Linux
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 25


Interesting survey, but why the obsession over a kernel?

I guess it was a better year than for the Linux kernel than for some others though. Minix 3 and GNU Hurd had some problems this year. We should likely find out which versions of the Linux kernel are on the rise. Maybe there are certain patch sets and proprietary variations that are gaining? Which part of the kernel code has the most bugs, etc.

Anyways, here's some great kernel facts:

In this case not only the kernel is meant, but the whole Linux ecology, i.e. also the Linux distributions and applications that run on Linux.

Tremendous year... but the main/only driver was Android.

In my office there are about 4 Android phones, 5 if I count mine. At least 3 of my friends have one. That's a lot of new linux users. I can't find a phone shop in my city that doesn't stock Android phones. But the year has not been near as spectacular for the traditional distros.


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