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Update Regarding Usage Based Billing of the Internet in Canada - Government will Reverse CRTC ruling

The star reports that the Government will reverse the "Metered Internet" / "Usage Based Billing" decision by the CRTC if the CRTC will no do so itself.

It seems that in the current political climate 300,000 signatures on a petition can make a difference.

However, it is also important to point out that even if this ruling will be reversed, there will certainly other attempts by the telecommunication providers to further increase their profits on the back of consumers and business in Canada that are dependent on the Internet (see also this comment about the possible continuation of UBB despite a reversal of the ruling).

In the long term it seems absolutely essential to break up companies like Bell Canada and Rogers in order to prevent conflicts of interest that are detrimental to consumers and competition. In this regard, the current acquisition of CTV by Bell Canada is very troubling.

In order to maximize profits and create "exclusiveness", companies like Bell will use their position to block non-customers from being able to receive certain content. It would be possible to only allow Bell Customers to access CTV content via Internet or mobile devices. In the same way, Bell and Rogers are in no way interested to allow competitors like netflix to be easily accessible via their networks.

However, it is not only the combination of content provider and network transport services. Just the conflict of interest based on having wholesales and retail organisations under one roof for companies that are benefiting from regulation (by means of owning the right of way for telecommunication networks) is a problem by itself.

In order for Canada to be able to compete in the world market and increase its productivity it seem absolutely necessary that the parties in the Canadian Parliament will start serious thoughts on breaking up these monopolistic acting oligarchies in order to remove these inherent conflicts of interest, protect consumers and businesses that are required to flourish in order to provide the necessary increase of productivity of the Canadian economy.

In the current and future environment, it is far too dangerous to allow a couple of Canada to control the future potential of all the citizens of Canada without the necessary democratic control over them, and no market regulations possible due to their inherent strong position given to them by government regulations.