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Ubuntu LAN Party at Kwartzlab was a lot of fun!

Kwartzlab got a new type of event which has been beta tested early this month: The Ubuntu LAN Party! Eric organised this first event, which remained solely within the realms of kwatzlab and gave the kwartlab members the privilege to attend this premiere.

I believe these kinds of events have a lot of potential. In particular in promoting Ubuntu to a new group of users. Next steps would be to open up the event to other groups that are not local and could participate via Internet. Maybe this kinds of event can help us also with seeding other Ubuntu local groups by allowing Ubuntu members in other towns start parallel events for we share the kwartzlab "game server". In fact in the future we might even be able to have tournaments between different cities.

Sounds a whole lot of fun to me!!!

Thanks to Eric for organizing this great event!



This is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for in my area. An Ubuntu LAN party, who would have thought? Is it all about gaming, or is there something else that you do during the party also?

Well. This particular party was designated for gaming. However, we also have Ubuntu Global Jams where we work to improve Ubuntu. We have such a jam in kwartlab and all over the world.