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Top 10 Reactions to the Upcoming NFL Lockout

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In about a week the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the NFL (the owners) and the NFLPA (the players association) will expire. A seven day mediation session has today ended without substantial progress.

Unfortunately, the Billionaires v. Millionaires fight will bring a lot of casualties. Yes. fans will be upset if games will be canceled or their team will play under par because of lack of preparation during the off-season. However, it is not only enjoyment fans will lose. Taxpayers have paid a lot of money for stadiums for the promise of the entertainment.

In any case here are this blogs Top 10 suggestions of solving the issue more creatively:

10. NFL lockout? Who cares? They hardly ever kick the ball with a foot anyway. Let's watch soccer instead.

9. Finally, we can watch NASCAR races without being distracted by the NFL.

8. Changing court session times to Sunday afternoons to see the trial deciding an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL after decertification of the NFLPA.

7. Finally time to spend some more time with the family on Sundays.

6. Move some of the college games to Sundays and enjoy football that is not played by spoiled ballerinas and without snobby owners roaming the sidelines.

5. Crete a contest to create robots playing football better than humans by 2050 and spend the time developing better robots.

4. Use the time to start a movement demanding more accountability from the politicians who run the world into the ground.

3. Have Sunday programming jams improving free software instead of watching any football

2. Organize "Sundays of Rage" in all the NFL Stadiums inform of peaceful demonstrations and demand that all Owners have to resign and leave the country to live in exile.

1. Expand the CFL with 32 teams (made up of the current NFL players) in the current cities of the NFL to play for the real North American Champion.



Darren - That's been tabled for quite a while. Its still in the CBA, but it can't be brought up before 2013 and the players have to agree to it.