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Petition against Metered Internet in Canada has Reached almost 250,000 Signatures

Open Media has started an online petition against the CRTC's decision to allow Bell Canada to meter Internet services sold through resellers with additional fees.

The CRTC approval of this form of usage based billing (UBB) is raising the overall Internet costs for consumers to upto 50% of the current costs.

Canada cannot assume to be competitive in the global market by raising Internet fees in order to protect the monopolies of Bell and Rogers, destroy independent ISPs for residents and businesses.

In particular, at the current time, when people in Arab countries are rising up against the nepotism and corruption of the despots leading their countries, the Canadian parties would be advised not to allow similar lobbying efforts by companies who have built their network infrastructure with lot of tax-payers money in form of government grants, to succeed.

At this time, the stopthemeter campaign has already obtained almost 250,000 signatures. If Egyptians can stand up and risk their lives and limps, hopefully Canadians can sign the petition (It can also be signed below this article!)

It is absolutely essential for Canada's economic wellbeing and freedom of its people that Internet access is affordable and free of any manipulation. It is essential for Canadian consumers and businesses, that competition is supported (as the Canadian Supreme Court has stated that competition is an essential part of the Canadian society). Therefore, the decision by the CRTC is wrong and must be reversed.

All parties are in obligation to listen to the Canadian people and force the CRTC to reverse its decision!

UPDATE: The Star is reporting that the Canadian Government will reverse the CRTC decision about usage based billing (UBB) if the CRTC will no do so itself.