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Only 4% of People Think Patents Drive Innovation

The Inquirer has currently, due to Nokia's patent suit against Apple, an Internet poll asking people about their opinion about patents.

Certainly, everybody knows that such such surveys are not scientifically based and the Inquirer probably attracts a log on anti-patent crowds. However, it is still interesting that only 4% selected to answer with the true reason that patents have been originally enacted (and it is still the only reason for given the US Congress the power to enact such legislation), namely to create an environment for innovation.

9% believe that companies must protect their patents, which is true under current legislation. If patents are not enforced they can be lost.

16% believe that patents only increase prices for consumers, while 22% think they create oppressive monopolies.

Almost half the people don't care, because "China will steal all the technology anyway". This certainly show the disconnect of patent legislation and the population, and might just be one part of a mosaic of issues that can explain people's dissolution in politics and democracy. It is time that governments start to listen to the people again and not only to the lobbyists corrupting all the political systems.