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AskUbuntu reaches 7000 questions - 15000 answers - 9800 users - 70000 votes

Less than 4 months after the successful launch as permanent Q&A site in our new Ubuntu design, we have reached the 7000 question threshold. Those 7000 questions have been asked and answered to 90% more than 15000 answers by 9800 users. 70000 votes have been cast for the questions and answers.

Here some more statistics from

# of questions: 7180
# of answers: 15749
# of comments: 24756
# of votes: 70816
# of badges: 15137
# of users: 9799



I still don't understand why Ubuntu uses Stack Exchange instead of Shapado that is open source.

Surely Shapado is also a good solution. There is actually which also has non-English support.

I think the main reason for stackexchange at the time have been two. Firstly, the stackexchange community is a very large developer community, the majority seem to be home with non Linux systems, and making a splash there, has substantial marketing effects for Ubuntu and Linux. Secondly, stackexchange is providing a stable and scalable platform which is maintained without using community or Canonical resources. There are already lots of other platforms that are maintained with Canonical and Ubuntu community resources, and it is often very difficult to have fast progress there since there are not enough resources.

All the information that is created on stackexchange is published under the creative commons licence. Hence, at any time if it makes sense, the questions and answers could be seeded into a shapado-based site.

(And who knows.. maybe the stackexchange organisation will come to understand the open source benefits and might even open their code at some time. Never say never .... :))

Hm, I see a lot less users here: - what's the difference?

Honestly, I do not know where the difference comes from. I take the numbers from the official api provided by stackexchange. Maybe merges of user accounts or deletions of user accounts make up the difference. Maybe a good question to ask at the meta.

AFAIK the higher number includes unregistered users.