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AskUbuntu has Gone through the 10,000 Users Threshold

A couple of minutes ago, AskUbuntu has been visited by the 10,000th user. It took less than 4 month since the official launch to mark this milestone.

The 10,000 users have asked more than 7,300 questions, and gave more than 16,000 answers. They have cast more than 72,000 votes, collected 15,000 badges and made more than 25,000 comments.

Here some more statistics from

# of questions: 7350
# of answers: 16044
# of comments: 25406
# of votes: 72233
# of badges: 15426
# of users: 10005

Here are the top questions from the last 14 days:

I want to fix a bug. Where do I start?
What is the difference between ./ and sh to run a script?
What if my State / Country doesn't have a Ubuntu LoCo Team? How can I start one?
Is there a difference between the '&&' and ';' symbols in a standard BASH terminal?
How to automatically change volume level when un-/plugging headphones?
Reasons why crontab does not work"
Is there a cd image of ubuntu under 512MB?
Why is the firewall disabled by default?
Screenshot tool that saves shots directly, without asking for a filename
How will the launcher/button work on a touch panel?
How to protect Ubuntu from fork bomb
How should I display units in my application?
Why do I have low FPS unless root?
Where can I buy a keyboard with an Ubuntu logo on the super key?
Will Natty Narwhall include Linux 2.6.38