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Ubuntu-ca LoCo Project for Global Jam in September 2011

After having run several Ubuntu global jams in the last couple of years, I would like to try something new this year.

Global Jams so far have been a lot around bug triage and educating new members on how to get involved with the Ubuntu community, This year, I would like to start a development project that has the aim to create another tool that could allow more people to get involved with the community.

While having never applied to be an Ubuntu MOTU, I have personally created and updated numerous packages over the time, mostly KDE packages through my affiliation being a Kubuntu member, but also server packages.

What always makes me hesitate to commit to working on packages is the amount of manual work currently necessary to create or update them, most of it being done on command line. Therefore, I have for a couple of years pondered how to improve this situation and also how to provide a GUI based tool that would entice people aversive to the command line to contribute in the packaging.

Hence my proposal for the Kitchener/Waterloo chapter of the Ubuntu-ca LoCo for the Global Jam this summer, is the collaborate development of such a tool.

Since I mostly like to develop with Qt, and Qt will be part of most major Ubuntu derivation in the future, the GUI libraries to be used should be Qt,

In the final aim, the tool should guide a user through the whole process of packaging step-by-step. It should present the necessary information to go through a step as completely as possible and allow the user to make the necessary decisions (either because it cannot be done automatically, or because it provides more sanity to let a human make the decision).

The resulting package should be tested by using pbuilder and the debian lint tool, and provide mechanism to upload it to either a ppa or the archive when the user has such authority.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will refine this proposal a little more and create a rough project plan with milestones. However, I would expect that with enough contributions, it should be possible to create a tool for the most simple steps of updating a packages during the Global Jam time frame.

I am open for suggestions for this projects in form of comments on this blog article.



Great idea and thanks for participating in the Jam!

I do that you will be elaborating a little more on this issue. I would like a tad more information.

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