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txwikinger's blog

AskUbuntu reaches 7000 questions - 15000 answers - 9800 users - 70000 votes

Less than 4 months after the successful launch as permanent Q&A site in our new Ubuntu design, we have reached the 7000 question threshold. Those 7000 questions have been asked and answered to 90% more than 15000 answers by 9800 users. 70000 votes have been cast for the questions and answers.

Here some more statistics from

February 2011 Ubuntu Hour in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada

The February 2011 Ubuntu Hour for the Waterloo Region in has been announced.

It will occur on Wednesday, 2nd February 2011 at the Little Bean Coffee Bar in Kitchener. Please register beforehand so that enough seats can be reserved.

Why is Ubuntu Using Google Maps and not OpenStreetMaps?

For using online maps, users have a variety of choices. In the spirit of FLOSS, openness and user rights, OpenStreetmap is clearly the best solution. However, Ubuntu is still using Google maps with all the terms and restrictions that come with it on the LoCo website. Does anybody know why?

AskUbuntu reaches 6000 questions - 13000 answers - 8000 users - 60000 votes

3 months after the successful launch as permanent Q&A site in our new Ubuntu design, we have reached the 6000 question threshold. Those 6000 questions have been asked and answered to 91% almost 14000 answers by 8600 users. 60000 votes have been cast for the questions and answers.

Here some more statistics from

# of questions: 6185
# of answers: 13950
# of comments: 21447
# of votes: 61137
# of badges: 13313
# of users: 8604

LibreOffice Now Available in ppa for Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04

Libreoffice is now available and installed easily for Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04 by adding the libreoffice ppa.

The following steps allow the addition of the ppa and the installation of LibreOffice:

Warning: This installs from a ppa and not from the official Ubuntu repository, hence there still might be problems with either the software itself, or the installation process. The installation will remove OpenOffice.

Optionally OpenOffice can be removed with the command

sudo apt-get purge "openoffice*"

Was 2010 Really a Big Year for Linux?

Sean Michael Kerner claims in this article that 2010 was a big year for Linux. However, while the FLOSS community made good strives in some areas, as described in the article, there also have been some set backs. Oracle's take-over of Sun resulted in a change of attitude towards the FLOSS community by the projects maintained by Sun, which in turn lead to the very public fork of LibreOffice, and some lesser known forks in regard of the databases, like mariadb.

Mastercard Taking on Functions of Courts?

According to an article on the MyCE (My Consumer Electronics) Website, the RIAA ( Recording Industry Association of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) have recruited Mastercard to "govern" the Internet.

According to the article, Mastercard will in essence stop payments made to websites who the RIAA and MPAA claim to violate their copyrights. While technically this can all be done according to the law, it seems to be a big issue of anti-trust and at least violation of due process.

Only 4% of People Think Patents Drive Innovation

The Inquirer has currently, due to Nokia's patent suit against Apple, an Internet poll asking people about their opinion about patents.

FCC's Regulations for Net Neutrality - Good or Bad?

As described in this Wall Street Journal article and many others on the Internet, the FCC is planning to stronger regulate the Internet in the future. There will be an important vote this week, and a lot of Democratic politicians are leaning on the democratic members of the FCC board to vote for the proposal of its chairman.


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