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October 2011

I am soo Tired of the Endless Desktop Flame Wars - Can we Please all Stop This?

Since the inception of Gnome, there seems to have been a never ending flame war about desktops in the FLOSS community. I am really getting tired of it, because it not only is boring, but also continuously diverts us from being productive.

During a presentation about the Ubuntu Canada LoCo, and an ensuing unconference session at a conference this weekend, valuable time that could have been used trying to discuss ways how the Ubuntu LoCo can be more effective to promote Ubuntu, was instead lost by arguments about Unity and its direction.

How foolish can the city councils in Toronto and Mississauga become?

In the last couple of days, the Cities of Mississauga and Toronto have passed by-laws banning the sale, possession and consumption of products containing shark fins. While the motivation to do something against the practices of obtaining these shark fins might be understandable, nevertheless, the behavior of the councillors passing such by laws can only be described as anti-democratic and childish.