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February 2011

Top 10 Reactions to the Upcoming NFL Lockout

In about a week the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the NFL (the owners) and the NFLPA (the players association) will expire. A seven day mediation session has today ended without substantial progress.

Unfortunately, the Billionaires v. Millionaires fight will bring a lot of casualties. Yes. fans will be upset if games will be canceled or their team will play under par because of lack of preparation during the off-season. However, it is not only enjoyment fans will lose. Taxpayers have paid a lot of money for stadiums for the promise of the entertainment.

AskUbuntu has Gone through the 10,000 Users Threshold

A couple of minutes ago, AskUbuntu has been visited by the 10,000th user. It took less than 4 month since the official launch to mark this milestone.

The 10,000 users have asked more than 7,300 questions, and gave more than 16,000 answers. They have cast more than 72,000 votes, collected 15,000 badges and made more than 25,000 comments.

Here some more statistics from

# of questions: 7350
# of answers: 16044
# of comments: 25406
# of votes: 72233
# of badges: 15426
# of users: 10005

Update Regarding Usage Based Billing of the Internet in Canada - Government will Reverse CRTC ruling

The star reports that the Government will reverse the "Metered Internet" / "Usage Based Billing" decision by the CRTC if the CRTC will no do so itself.

It seems that in the current political climate 300,000 signatures on a petition can make a difference.

Petition against Metered Internet in Canada has Reached almost 250,000 Signatures

Open Media has started an online petition against the CRTC's decision to allow Bell Canada to meter Internet services sold through resellers with additional fees.

The CRTC approval of this form of usage based billing (UBB) is raising the overall Internet costs for consumers to upto 50% of the current costs.