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December 2010

LibreOffice: Document Foundation Steering Committee Public Phone Conference 11-Dec-2010

he Document Foundation's steering committee will hold a public phone conference on December 11, 2010, 1400 UTC.

Current agenda items:

  • Support models and how to organise this on an international basis
  • Bylaws State of Affairs

Information for dial-in:

Apache Software Foundation leaves JCP - Red Hat in alliance with proprietary corporations

As previously reported here the Apache Software Foundation threatened to leave the JCP if Oracle would not allow the ASF to use the TCK toolkit for usage for the open source project Harmony that is licensed under the GPL.

ASF called for the other members to support them in voting against Java 7 and 8 until Oracle would abide by its contractual obligations as stated by the ASF.

No Amazon advertisement!

While this blog has made not assessment and does not intent to provide any opinion about the merits and problems with the latest Wikileaks publications, it is important to reflect about the more general issues at hand.

It seems that initiated by the latest publications by Wikileaks, there is a danger of a full-out information war. In question here is who can decide what information should be available to the public and what is not.

Ubuntu Canada LoCo Team's Website Moved to New Server

The Canadian Ubuntu LoCo Team has moved its website to a new server. This allows more flexibility for the future of what the website will be able to offer to Canadian Ubuntu users and other interested parties.

The move has also allowed the transfer to drupal 6 (drupal 7 upgrade is pending) and the usage of a new theme leaning on the official Ubuntu theme.