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December 2010

Was 2010 Really a Big Year for Linux?

Sean Michael Kerner claims in this article that 2010 was a big year for Linux. However, while the FLOSS community made good strives in some areas, as described in the article, there also have been some set backs. Oracle's take-over of Sun resulted in a change of attitude towards the FLOSS community by the projects maintained by Sun, which in turn lead to the very public fork of LibreOffice, and some lesser known forks in regard of the databases, like mariadb.

Was 2010 a big year for Linux?

2010 was a tremendous year for Linux
16% (4 votes)
2010 was a good year for Linux
56% (14 votes)
2010 was an average year for Linux
20% (5 votes)
2010 was a bad year for Linux
8% (2 votes)
2010 was a disastrous year for Linux
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 25

Mastercard Taking on Functions of Courts?

According to an article on the MyCE (My Consumer Electronics) Website, the RIAA ( Recording Industry Association of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) have recruited Mastercard to "govern" the Internet.

According to the article, Mastercard will in essence stop payments made to websites who the RIAA and MPAA claim to violate their copyrights. While technically this can all be done according to the law, it seems to be a big issue of anti-trust and at least violation of due process.

Only 4% of People Think Patents Drive Innovation

The Inquirer has currently, due to Nokia's patent suit against Apple, an Internet poll asking people about their opinion about patents.

FCC's Regulations for Net Neutrality - Good or Bad?

As described in this Wall Street Journal article and many others on the Internet, the FCC is planning to stronger regulate the Internet in the future. There will be an important vote this week, and a lot of Democratic politicians are leaning on the democratic members of the FCC board to vote for the proposal of its chairman.

Wikileaks is Changing Justice Systems

Interestingly, Wikileaks might have already changed one aspect of the justice system, and this seemingly inadvertently.

While District Judge Howard Riddle in the bail hearing at magistrates court for Julian Assange allowed the public to tweet the proceedings of the court live to all the interested public on the Internet, Justice Ouseley during the appeal in the high court did not allow the same.

Netflix - Another Example of Open Source Hypocracy?

Interestingly, netflix also wants to be known as an Open Source company. Apparently, they use Open Source because it is cheaper, despite various attempts of bribes from commercial companies.

They also claim that they contribute to Open Source without mentioning any evidence. If there is some evidence, please comment about it!

AskUbuntu reaches 5000 questions - 11000 answers - 7000 users - 50000 votes

9 weeks after the successful launch as permanent Q&A site in our new Ubuntu design, we have reached the 5000 question threshold. Those 5000 questions have been asked and answered to 93% with 11800 answers by 7300 users. 50000 votes have been cast for the questions and answers.

Here some more statistics from

# of questions: 5028
# of answers: 11836
# of comments: 17886
# of votes: 50577
# of badges: 11526
# of users: 7349